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(Images via 1 & 2) Other women nod their heads in agreement.
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for choosing Saleisha Stowers as this cycle's winner.

She's pretty, personable and even managed to rock a botched Katie Holmes haircut.

She’s also moving into acting with a role in the upcoming movie “To Say Goodbye.” After becoming a reality star thanks to two seasons of ANTM and one season of “Celebrity Rehab,” Lisa dabbled in both modeling and music; she hasn’t released much in years but regularly attends industry parties.

After a successful few years following her ANTM win – walking in NYFW, starring as the face of Lot29 and working against domestic violence – Jaslene has fallen off the radar, however, she still attends industry parties.

Like Yaya, Analeigh found success as an actress, with notable roles in “Crazy, Stupid, Love,” “Hung” and “Warm Bodies.” Next, she joins “Gossip Girl” star Jessica Szhor in “Two Night Stand” and Ryan Reynolds in “Mississippi Grind.” Somali-born Fatima has quietly become one of ANTM’s most successful models, becoming a regular at Paris, London and New York Fashion Weeks and joining campaigns for brands like Wildfox, Armani Exchange, Ralph Lauren and Pantene.

I love having these nice clothes on and taking photos or walking a runway. "Saleisha: I honestly did not know [that had happened], because I was walking off the runway at that time. Saleisha: [] Yeah, and you could kind of see at the end of the show when Chantal and I were hugging, our earrings got stuck together! I'm a totally different person now than I was then! Of course, I could have handled situations differently, but you've also got to remember that you're away from your friends and family, you're with 12 girls you don't know, and things happen. I probably should have gone about it differently, but I didn't and I can't take that back. TVGuide.com: When Jenah broke down in panel and told the whole sad story about how she had to raise her sisters, was there a moment where you sort of panicked and said, "Oh crap! You can't help who you are and what happens in your life, but I didn't have any doubt or nerves. I had the lines down, I'd memorized them, but something just triggered like, "This is your last chance to show the judges that you can do this, so you'd better give it your all!

It's an adrenaline rush for me and a passion of mine, so I went on the show fighting for it! She didn't tell me until after the runway show was over. TVGuide.com: You did not want to pick your nose with those dagger things on your fingers! I learned a lot and the camp did help me become the woman I am now, but I don't know that the camp had anything at all to do with how the judges critiqued me or even them wanting me on the show. I just went out there and said how I felt, and that was the best I could do. It sucks that you have to say that, but you do have to be honest. TVGuide.com: Do you regret the way the show edited those incidents? " And then you have [the rep] from Cover Girl there, and that makes you even more nervous.

Chantal Jones is famous in social media and she addresses her fans through Twitter and Instagram.

She is inch tall in height and she has got a sexy body with it.