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Label not updating

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Many thanks Hi Nick, Thanks for getting back to me. I want to be able to replace the whole data in a dataset.for example : my Live Chart.datasets[1]= [1,2,3,4,5] However at the moment I cant do that, because in order to be able to replace the data I should replace the labels since the new dataset has different length of data and the labels are different values.This allowed me to access the native object and just use it's methods and alter it's properties as needed.I'm open for a better solution, but thanks for anyones time!Hi Anthony, I have the same issue, yet I do not find the chart property as you do.I also looked into the typescript definition file and it does not define chart as a property. @Kaizeras @anthony-pinskey @kchat001 I currently have an error because my component is instantiated before I actually receive both the labels and data from an API.It would be very helpful if you could please create an example chart that would illustrate this missing feature using JSBIN and even attached a mockup here of what the result should look like.

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Is there anyway of waiting before loading the base Chart directive (1.4.0) ? I would also like to change the labels after filtering the data (some labels may be removed when I filter out some data).

This usually happens when you're doing intensive calculations/iterations in the same thread as where the user interface elements are running.

The Label doesn't re-paint until you give the UI thread back to the message loop. Refresh, or better yet, try putting your lengthy operation in a background thread as other posters have suggested.

Hi nick, I followed up this issue nnnick#13 which at the end of it you have added a fantastic solution to be able to update the data series and then update the chart.

However I can't figure out how can I update the labels if the length of the data series and label values are different from the original dataset?