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Because men have shorter lifespans, many older men are interested in having a potential caregiver or a “nurse with a purse.” They tend to marry quicker than older women, but it isn’t because older women can’t find a hubby; it’s because women are more likely to be looking for a short-term relationship or a companion, not a husband.

Muslim religion dating rules

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Why then, under such circumstances, do Muslim women wear scarves?

There are a myriad of reasons why, but the easy, one sentence answer is, because they believe God has made it an obligation for believing women.

When you’re seriously dating someone, shared values are important.

Especially if you’re looking to build a lasting, lifelong partnership, you’ll likely want to make sure your religious views and backgrounds are compatible with those of your date’s.

Instead, they say, they want to be judged by their intellect and personalities.Even predominantly Muslim countries such as Turkey and Tunisia ban the hijab in certain government buildings.When a small piece of fabric causes such controversy and conflict, wouldnt it be easier to remove it?The history of the Muslim world spans about 1400 years and includes a variety of socio-political developments, as well as advances in the arts, science, philosophy, and technology, particularly during the Islamic Golden Age.All Muslims look for guidance to the Quran and believe in the prophetic mission of Muhammad, but disagreements on other matters have led to appearance of different religious schools and branches within Islam.They say it’s the reason they don’t show too much more.