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Dendrochronology crossdating

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Wide rings are produced during wet years and, narrow rings during dry seasons.

These changes in tissue formation can be used to calculate age of the tree itself or surrounding archaeological artifacts. Douglass now considered the father of dendrochronology at the University of Arizona to further studies and solidification of such dating as a worthwhile scientific endeavor.

In full resolution their images look like this on the screen.

Note: For this type of samples you will probably use a scanner resolution between 16 dpi, though in this case the 600 dpi resolution was good enough.

The years are plotted on the horizontal axis and the ringwidths on the vertical axis.These two pictures are taken from samples of the demolished house at Bergvik on the island of Nmd.In real world these two samples are 21 centimetres and 16 centimetres long.This kit includes five increment borers, microscope (ten optical plus a digital scope), battery-operated lights, sanding equipment, straws, and more, in a hard-sided suitcase that weighs less than 22 kg (50 lbs) to meet most airline check-in baggage requirements.Please contact Peter Brown (pmb at rmtrr dot org) for more details about borrowing the kit for your workshop or fieldweek.In seasonal climates, trees preserve a continuous record of annual events, in particular, climate.