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Polynesian dating customs

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In the Pacific region, there is an important distinction between "high" islands and "low" islands.Tahiti, a typical high island, is relatively large with steep slopes, rich plant life, and many waterfalls and rushing streams.

Atolls (ring-shaped islands made of coral) are the most common low islands in Polynesia.At the time of the first known European contact with the Polynesian world in the 1500s, there were probably around half a million people scattered throughout the region.European powers competed for ownership of most of Polynesia's inhabited islands.For another, among those tribes and nations who were constantly at war with each other, there would inevitably be a scarcity of men in proportion to the women.And even though the women of the conquered foe were usually considered among the spoils of war, more were killed in the bloody battles than were dragged off as unwilling mates of the victors.Although these marital circumstances may have existed for quite some time among early humans, there are a number of reasons why neither polygamy nor polyandry could have survived as universal or general practices.