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The total number of survey takers is more than 50,000, and that is not split between women and men. Some of the responses on the female survey seem a little wacky, as you’ll see.

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Increase visibility across your entire supply chain to reduce inventory costs and keep customers happy.Use built-in intelligence to predict when and what you need to replenish, ensuring inventory levels are maintained to avoid shortages and lost sales.We all need to be up to speed on a multitude of requirements for administering our 403(b) plans, including providing increased transparency of plan fees and costs, creating a clear audit trail that documents how and why we make decisions related to our plans, and complying with more stringent fiduciary responsibilities.Even if you have addressed these issues recently, it may make sense to review your long-term strategy for achieving your plan's objectives and serving the best interests of plan participants.Prevent unnecessary or fraudulent purchases by implementing approvals, plus modify a posted invoice in your financial management system and register the correction without hassle.Centralize your financial management data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory, and customer interactions for an up-to-date, end-to-end view of your business.

It’s essential to build your dashboard based on meaningful KPIs so you can reap the benefits of executive dashboards which include getting answers to critical business questions, aligning business actions with corporate strategy, and boosting productivity.1, 2009 (some provisions have earlier or later effective dates) require 403(b) plans to look and act like 401(k)s in many key respects.Additionally, 403(b) plan sponsors are now required to perform the same duties as their 401(k) counterparts.With news publications filled with articles of new mergers and acquisitions it can’t help but leave many independent hospitals wondering, not if, but when they will need to join forces with one of the industry giants.Here, five major forces driving hospital consolidation are highlighted.Compliance with new 403(b) regulations is reason to review other elements of your retirement plans.